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FMC’s strategy over the next 10 years is to grow

by providing products with sustained value

that motivate customers, employees and other

stakeholders to work with FMC. Our strategic

position depends on sustainable investments

that ensure our company runs more efficiently

and more resiliently by 2025. In doing so, we

will proactively address market, climate and

regulatory-based changes and risks.

The theme of this year's report, “Our Formula

for Progress,” reflects the science-based history

and tradition of FMC and emphasizes that we

are a company positioned for the future. In

2015, we sold our Alkali chemicals business and

acquired Cheminova, a global supplier of quality

crop protection products. With these and other

portfolio changes, we now have a greater focus

on agricultural, health, nutrition and lithium

technologies. Cheminova shares our values and

our commitment to sustainability. Today’s FMC

has the right formula to drive sustainability well

into the future. The 2015 Sustainability Report

is a significant milestone in the history of FMC.

This is our fifth report but represents many

“firsts” including:

• Announcement of FMC’s first Operations

efficiency goals, set for 2025

• Announcement of new Innovation and

Business Practices goals, set for 2020

• First Communication on Progress with respect

to the United Nations Global Compact

• First report with assurance of key

environmental data

• First report responding to Global Reporting

Initiative’s new G4 framework

• First sustainability report including

former Cheminova*

*Consistent with FMC’s policy on acquisitions, data associated with

Cheminova will be included in the first full year after acquisition.



This year’s report is comprised of three key pillars:

Together, these three pillars create

Our Formula for Progress

at FMC.

Our People (Page 10):

First and foremost, we have safe, ethical and engaged

employees who build trusting relationships with customers,

suppliers, investors and communities. Our people are the key

element in making our sustainability formula work throughout

the value chain.

Our Products (Page 18):

Our people create products that meet the needs of our

customers and the changing world. We work toward a resilient

supply chain that ensures sustainably sourced products.

Our Responsibility (Page 26):

Our people manufacture products in ways that reduce our

environmental footprint and reduce cost. We are responsible

neighbors and community members.