FMC Sustainability

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Our People

FMC fosters development of a safe, vibrant, well-rounded workforce as we evolve and grow. We encourage our employees, customers, suppliers and communities to be constantly aware of safety and vigilant of opportunities for improvement. Our global talent management strategy incorporates educational and experiential learning opportunities to ensure that our employees have the skill sets that are required to deliver success for our customers and that respond to global challenges now and in the future.


FMC embraces continuous improvement in safety planning, preparation and implementation for all of our operations. Our systematic approach encourages careful attention to safety in all facets of people’s lives.

Building safety skills and maintaining a focused, attentive mindset are the foundation of our approach to providing a sound workplace. That is why we maintain a sharp focus on safety through our highly visible TH!NK. SAFE. commitment. With frequent messages targeting the risks employees face at work, at home and on the road, we raise not only their awareness of hazards but also offer practical tips and solutions to avoid many types of incidents. In addition, FMC’s safety manifesto expresses the deep commitment across our company to acting, operating, working and living safely.


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We are taking specific actions to understand how we can continue to drive safety performance in all parts of our company. Our attentiveness to safety proved effective in the incident-free closure of our Seal Sands, United Kingdom facility and transition of our Milazzo, Italy plant to new ownership in 2015. Our safety data for the period from 2011-2015 is available here.

Enhanced Emergency Planning and Preparedness

FMC’s “Corporate Incident Management Plan” establishes procedures to prepare for and respond to a variety of potential and actual incidents that could affect FMC’s employees, businesses, operations and communities. The Plan’s guiding principles are the FMC Code of Ethics and Business Conduct and the OneFMC approach (see Safety Initiatives gallery below) to organizational performance.

Applicable throughout FMC globally, the Plan establishes the framework and tools to use company resources efficiently to manage an incident and minimize its impact. It is relevant to a range of different emergency situations and includes explanations of Incident Management Team member responsibilities, activity and reporting instructions, checklists and resources that support responsible incident management.


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Talent Development

FMC’s future depends on our employees, our most valuable resource. We seek to provide the training, tools and supportive atmosphere that allow people to maximize their contribution to our progress while accomplishing their individual goals.

FMC offers a variety of development and leadership programs that nurture employees through different stages of their careers. In addition to position-specific and on-the-job training, we offer the following opportunities:

  • Pathways to Leadership: One of our most popular courses, this two-day workshop teaches frontline managers and those who lead project teams how to improve their leadership and team member development. The program includes post session follow-up on participant progress and focuses on coaching for performance, conducting effective meetings, distinguishing leadership from management and using teams for problem solving.
  • FMC Academia: Our Latin America region started this program to align its formal and informal learning opportunities with the company’s growth strategy and changing needs. Development focuses on several knowledge areas to improve leadership, business competencies, safety and the environment.


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Developing Technical and Manufacturing Career Paths

Technology and innovation are critical to our business, and we have made a concerted effort to create an environment that develops the relevant skills to continuously deliver in those areas.

The Manufacturing Council is responsible for developing the processes, tools and talent that enable operational excellence at FMC manufacturing and contract manufacturing locations. It:

  • Ensures effective management of talent across our enterprise.
  • Identifies future leaders at early stages of their careers so they can grow into broader roles.
  • Prepares a slate of “ready-now” candidates to fill key manufacturing leadership positions.

The Manufacturing Council has prepared a strong pipeline of global manufacturing and engineering talent, a key component of which was to hold meetings at FMC locations globally to foster networking and relationship building. To get to know people from the different businesses who worked in these areas, the Council held both formal presentation sessions and informal meet-and-greets. The engagements allowed employees from around the world to meet and share ideas in person.


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Diversity and Inclusion

A workforce that represents the diverse, global nature of our company is essential to FMC’s long-term success. To ensure that our employee base reflects this necessity, diversity and inclusion (D&I) are key components of our human resources and business strategies.

In 2015, we formalized our D&I focus by creating the new position of Diversity Officer. The Diversity Officer organized D&I support teams that include an Executive Committee subcommittee in which the CEO participates. D&I is a corporate priority at the highest level, and we are reinforcing our commitment to a diverse workplace where each employee is able to share his or her unique voice, perspective and personality. These multifaceted viewpoints serve as the basis for FMC’s innovation, evolution and growth.

The D&I team launched a global awareness campaign to announce its mission, objectives and philosophy. Initial communications focused on the value of D&I at FMC. The primary messages emphasized that:

  • D&I is integral to FMC’s DNA.
  • D&I must remain top-of-mind.
  • We are committed to achieving measurable D&I results.

We are designing a structured program to advance these principles in 2016.

Respect and Ethical Behavior

Respecting Our Employees

Treating employees with respect is more than a policy; it is at the heart of how we build positive, constructive, effective teams around the world. Regardless of the size of a site or its primary line of business, a strong relationship among those responsible for its operations benefits all involved. For each of our sites, we make every effort to reach agreements that are mutually beneficial. We focus on collaborating to find solutions for everyday interactions as well as contract re-negotiations. We strongly believe in this cooperative approach.

For more information see the Workplace data on the Visualize Our Data page.

Broadening Our Commitment

Our focus on people extends beyond FMC employees to encompass the many people around the world who directly and indirectly touch our business. As we continue to grow globally, we recognize the potential risks of operating in multiple regions with differing laws and business practices. In 2015, we joined the United Nations Global Compact as further confirmation of FMC’s commitment to maintaining a principled approach to doing business worldwide.

FMC Code of Ethics

FMC’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct summarizes the legal and ethical principles that we follow in our daily work. FMC’s commitment to the Code starts at the corporation’s highest level. The FMC Corporate Responsibility Committee manages FMC’s overall compliance with applicable laws and FMC policies (including the Code) and compliance training. This committee consists of our chief executive officer, chief financial officer, executive vice president of human resources, executive vice president and general counsel, and one of our business presidents. The group also considers the appropriate response to significant ethics and compliance matters. The Committee reports to the Audit Committee of the FMC Board of Directors.

In 2012, we clarified our commitment in this area by updating our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct to unambiguously state our expectations related to human dignity. While our businesses have consistently maintained high standards in this area, we saw this policy update as an important reaffirmation of our ethical principles and practices, especially as our business grows worldwide.

Every new FMC employee receives ethics compliance training, followed by recertification at least every three years to ensure strict adherence to our Code of Ethics. Required re-training and re-certification on the Code took place in 2013.

Learn more about FMC’s Code here.

FMC employees worldwide are encouraged to report suspected violations of the FMC Code and other legal or ethical violations through a confidential and anonymous system managed by Global Compliance, a leading provider of outsourced governance, risk management and compliance services. Employees can contact Global Compliance 24 hours a day, 7 days per week either by phone, web or mail. Global Compliance provides multi lingual service and has trained staff to handle ethics calls.

It is FMC’s policy to investigate any reported violation of the Code, other FMC policies, or applicable laws, and to take appropriate action based on the results of the investigation. It is also FMC’s policy that every employee may report violations with no fear of retaliation by co-workers, supervisors, or others.

To highlight the importance of reporting any potential ethical issues, we distributed wallet cards and posters promoting the FMC Ethics Response Line and other ways to report possible infractions. They were translated into 13 languages and the imagery and messages were tailored to accommodate cultural nuances.


In 2013 We Launched A Global Campaign To Embed Our Commitment To Ethical Business Standards

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