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Our Commitment to Sustainability

Our Formula + Goals

FMC’s formula for progress reflects our science-based approach and integration of sustainability into every aspect of our business. It emphasizes that we are a strong company, positioned as a leader in the agriculture, health and nutrition and lithium industries.

In our 2014 report, we framed our Call to Action to better integrate sustainability and achieve the targets we set for FMC. The 2015 report reflects our commitment to answering that call and assuming leadership in addressing some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

The key elements of our formula for progress are:

Our People: Our people are the foundation of FMC and their safety comes first. FMC’s longstanding commitment to safety provides the basis for a work environment that encourages development, motivation and teamwork. Through their commitment, ideas and hard work, we will be able to deliver on the goals of Our Formula for Progress and drive sustainability in all aspects of our company.

Our Products: Our people enable FMC to deliver innovations that help meet the world’s nutrition needs and reduce global dependence on petroleum-based energy. With safety embedded in everything we do, FMC focuses on each product’s impact—from its source, through the supply chain to its use by customers and consumers.

Our Responsibility: Our responsibility to reduce the environmental impact of our products and to strengthen the communities where we work and live are commitments that FMC’s people take very seriously. Advancing the health and sustainability of our planet is essential to Our Formula for Progress, as is our dedication to helping our communities flourish.

FMC’s strategy over the next ten years is to grow by providing products with sustained value that motivate customers, employees and other stakeholders to work with FMC. By delivering on this strategy and making sustainable investments that ensure our business will run more efficiently and resiliently by 2025, we will be proactively addressing and prepared for market, climate and regulatory-based change and risks.

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Facing Major Global Challenges 

The foundation of FMC’s sustainability strategy is our commitment to alleviating some of the major global challenges. This responsibility strengthens our business performance and aligns with our corporate strategy. These challenges serve as a blueprint for a more strategic and comprehensive approach to meeting the needs of a rapidly changing world.

The issues we consider “major global challenges”* are among society’s most profound concerns and have significant implications for our shared future. They frame our direction and give greater meaning to our work.

* FMC identified these global challenges in 2011. We have modified their definitions so they align with our core businesses and current scientific opinion.


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2020 and 2025 Goals

Sustainability is a journey that requires continuous refinement and improvement, and our commitment to improving comes from the leaders of our organization and permeates throughout the company. This commitment means that we will take action on specific sustainability targets and goals.

We have established 2020 metrics and goals for innovation and business practices, as well as 2025 metrics and goals for operations. Together these form Our Formula for Progress.

In the gallery below, learn more about our 2020 and 2025 Goals.

2020 AND 2025 GOALS

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Engaging Our Stakeholders To Determine Priority Issues 

At FMC, we engage with stakeholders to accelerate our progress on social and environmental initiatives. We do this through open dialogue, collaboration and transparent disclosure. As a result, we strengthen our ability to balance business interests with those of society; build robust, global relationships across sectors; and ultimately, identify innovative solutions that create shared, sustainable value.

Our stakeholders are employees and prospective employees, customers, suppliers, investors, communities, regulators, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and governments. When engaging with stakeholders, we consider their expertise and insights as well as their level of influence and willingness to collaborate.

We determine engagement topics based on issues that are material, or those with greater internal and external impacts, to our business and stakeholders.  This year we improved our assessment by including external stakeholders’ input. We quantitatively and qualitatively evaluated potential priorities in the main areas of our business: Marketplace, Operations, Workplace, Environment and Community.

Learn more about our Stakeholder Engagement and Materiality Assessment in the 2015 report.

Material Aspects

FMC has identified the following aspects as material in accordance with our materiality assessment. As a company committed to sustainability, FMC considers these impacts to be material within the company and outside it. While the extent of our impacts varies for each stakeholder group, all stakeholders are affected to some degree.

• Economic Performance
• Indirect Economic Impacts

• Energy
• Water
• Biodiversity
• Emissions
• Effluents and Waste
• Products and Services
• Compliance
• Supplier Environmental Assessment

Labor Practices and Decent Work
• Employment
• Occupational Health and Safety
• Training and Education
• Diversity and Equal Opportunity
• Supplier Assessment for Labor Practices

Human Rights
• Investment
• Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining
• Child Labor
• Forced or Compulsory Labor
• Supplier Human Rights Assessment

• Local Communities
• Anti-corruption
• Supplier Assessment for Impacts on Society

Product Responsibility
• Customer Health and Safety
• Product and Service Labeling
• Marketing Communications


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Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

GRI provides a comprehensive sustainability reporting framework covering economic, environmental and social sustainability disclosure criteria. The framework has been broadly adopted around the world to assess sustainability performance.

FMC prepared its 2015 sustainability report according to the GRI G4 Guidelines. The GRI Index provides a consolidated list of our G4 disclosures.

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