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Presentation of the Unique Registry of Socially Responsible Organizations (RUORES) in Argentina

The Ministry of Labor, by means of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Department, and the National Ministry of Social Development hosted a workshop on integrating public policy and social responsibility. Around 60 organizations in Salta, including Minera del Altiplano S.A. attended the workshop on April 4th.

During the workshop the Unique Registry of Socially Responsible Organizations (RUORES) was presented to companies, foundations and non-governmental organizations. The Registry allows for the exchange between different organizations and actors, such as civil, commercial, academic, religious associations or government entities, to carry out and promote actions and programs of social responsibility for sustainable development.

For its part, the National Director of Accreditation of Organizations, Agustín Dellagiovanna, indicated that one of the benefits of being in the RUORES is the possibility of receiving free technical assistance in the development of a socially responsible business strategy and training in topics, such as:

  • Transparency
  • Sustainability Tools
  • Human Rights
  • Fair Trade
  • Responsible Consumption
  • Environment
  • Gender

He expressed that these actions went beyond the local area and can be shared and duplicated by other institutions and organizations as well as with different areas of the Ministry of Social Development and the Ministry of Labor. By participating in events like this and learning about initiatives from other organizations the FMC employees in Minera del Altiplano S.A continue to expand engagement in the community and incorporate socially responsible and sustainable development into daily business practices.