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FMC Panoli Celebrates World Environment Day

FMC seeks to impact some of the world’s most pressing environmental challenges and raise awareness of these challenges to its employees, their families, and the communities in which they live. At FMC Panoli, the company’s commitment to sustainability was reflected in the site’s celebration of World Environment Day.

On June 5th, FMC’s Agricultural Solutions site in Panoli, India, celebrated World Environment Day (WED), which was an opportunity to impart the message of caring for the environment to the site’s employees. The event was extremely successful, with over 300 employees and their families participating in environmentally-themed activities throughout the day.

Employees hosted a tree planting drive and planted over 150 saplings. There was also a drawing competition for the employees and their children. The 190 posters created included themes and images depicting environmental awareness and environmental preservation. Bahvesh Patel from Panoli Site 1 and Dikshit Patel from Panoli Site 2 won first place prizes for their posters. Employees also participated in a slogan competition, in which 234 slogans were submitted. Additionally, employees had the opportunity to make suggestions for energy savings at the site, and numerous submissions were received. In each activity, the top three submissions were ranked and those employees were recognized in FMC’s global e-newsletter for their contributions.

WED photos

Top left photo: Mr. Manoj Khanna addressing the members. Bottom left photo:Team after plantation of more than 150 saplings in campus. Top right photo: Mr. Rupesh Ranch receiving praise for best poster. Bottom right photo: One of the posters among 194 posters received.

Started by the United Nations (UN), WED encourages environmental awareness in over 100 countries. The UN believes that when individuals take action in the environment, they can make an even larger positive impact by working collectively. This idea was reflected in this year’s WED’s theme, which was “Seven Billion Dreams. One planet. Consume with Care.” With an increasing global population consuming more natural resources, it becomes vital for humans to manage the Earth’s resources responsibly and sustainably. These ideas were reflected at the Panoli site with its celebration of WED as employees and their families participated in the several environmentally-themed events.