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FMC increases village sanitation on the island of Pemba in Zanzibar

One of FMC’s guiding principles is to engage and cultivate community relationships to create positive change. On the island of Pemba in Zanzibar, FMC is partnering with the Pemba Foundation to improve village sanitation by building public toilet buildings in areas that lack running water.

Public Toilets in Mjini Kiuyu_small

Public toilets built by FMC Corporation in the village of Mjini Kiuyu.

In Pemba, Zanzibar, FMC has partnered with the Pemba Foundation to improve the living conditions of local seaweed farmers and their families. FMC and the Pemba Foundation are installing public toilet buildings in rural villages in Pemba. These areas are some of the poorest and remote parts of the island, and most people do not have access to running water.

By providing public toilet buildings for the residents, FMC is working to increase the level of sanitation in towns like Mjini Kiuyu. Public toilet buildings help to reduce the spread of cholera. The project has been so successful that other villages in Pemba have asked the company to build public toilets in their towns. FMC has asked the Pemba Foundation to manage the project.

FMC is featured on the Pemba Foundation’s website for its efforts. More information on this story can be found here.

Photos courtesy of the Pemba Foundation.