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Community Engagement in Minera del Altiplano S.A.

The communities in which FMC operates are integral to the company’s success. We believe we have a responsibility to our neighbors to not only provide employment, but also to understand what is most important to them to create a thriving community. Through two events hosted earlier this year FMC employees in Minera del Altiplano S.A. are doing just that.

“Puna Science Fair in Antofagasta de la Sierra”

On March 10th and 11th, FMC employees participated in the 14th Edition of the Technology Science Fair and the 3rd Regional Science Fair of the Puna. The event took place at High School N°39 of Villa de Antofagasta de la Sierra. It was attended by authorities from Catamarca, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, the Mayor, and people from schools in the area.

Around 40 students including initial, primary, secondary levels as well as adult levels from schools in Antofagasta de la Sierra (La Villa, Ciénaga Redonda and Los Nacimientos) and the local area presented on their technological and scientific work during the event. The fair was an excellent opportunity for the Puna students to exchange proposals and scientific/technological advances.

During the event Minera del Altiplano S.A partnering with the Manos Abiertas Foundation, a non-profit organization founded in 1991 with the goal to promote, protect and guarantee the rights of people with disabilities who have been abandoned, introduced their education program “Inspiring Citizens and Educating with Values,” which was implemented a year ago in Antofagasta de la Sierra.

“Weaving our Network in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)”

Minera del Altiplano S.A. held the first CSR program meeting with organizations, including the Junior Achievement Foundation, Manos Abiertas Foundation and nutritional and employability consultants from the local area to engage across different social activities.

People from MdA shared some of the actions that the company carries out regarding:
• Nutrition and Health
• Education
• Employment and Employability

During the year MdA hosts nutritional training programs for Antofagasta de la Sierra, Los Nacimientos, El Peñón and Ciénaga la Redonda to promote healthy food handling practices and nutritious recipe development for new mothers as well as supporting the continued development of sustainable projects including work with INTA crop technology building greenhouses.

Through the Manos Abiertas and Junior Achievement Foundations the employees from MdA support educational programs at primary and secondary schools in the area. Additionally, through entrepreneurship programs, internships and university scholarships Minera del Altiplano provides guidance and professional development for adolescents and young adults promoting a strong community.

The main purpose of the meeting was to talk to the community about how we can best work together and address their concerns in the Communities of Antofagasta de la Sierra (Catamarca) and General Güemes (Salta).