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We need your unique voice, perspective and personality; together we will continue to innovate, evolve and grow. 

A workforce that represents the diverse, global nature of our company is essential to FMC’s long-term success. To ensure that our employee base reflects this necessity, diversity and inclusion (D&I) are key components of our human resources and business strategies.

In 2015, we formalized our D&I focus by creating the new position of Diversity Officer. The Diversity Officer organized D&I support teams that include an executive subcommittee in which the CEO participates. D&I is a corporate priority at the highest level, and we are reinforcing our commitment to a diverse workplace where each employee is able to share his or her unique voice, perspective and personality. These multifaceted viewpoints serve as the basis for FMC’s innovation, evolution and growth.

Below you will learn about initiatives, ideas, practices, events, and people that are driving diversity & inclusion here at FMC.

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FMC Supports Women’s Empowerment in Developing Countries

Over the last 5 years, FMC operations in the Philippines have grown by taking on a global and regional focus for Agricultural Solutions, Information Technology, Finance and Customer Service. This growth has provided opportunities for women to take on leadership roles at the site.
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