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Climate Change Statement

FMC Climate Change Statement

March 17, 2016

The Issue:

Scientific evidence such as temperature records and historical trends indicate that global temperatures are now significantly warmer than the historical average. Consumption of fossil fuels is the single largest generator of Greenhouse Gases (GHG: CO2, nitrous oxide, and methane) that trap heat in the earth’s atmosphere.

Regardless of current or future actions taken to control the release of GHGs, additional warming is still anticipated due to the immense thermal mass of the world’s oceans. Some of the most likely major impacts include decreased crop production due to less arable land, rising sea levels, increased severe weather events, and lack of biodiversity.

Our Position:

As a global corporate citizen, we are concerned about the negative consequences of climate change and will take prudent and cost-effective actions that reduce emissions to the atmosphere.

Our Goals:

FMC is committed to doing its part to address climate change. By 2025, we will reduce both energy intensity and GHG intensity for our operations by 15%. We continually assess our manufacturing sites worldwide for opportunities for sustainable energy sourcing and increased energy efficiencies which, therefore, reduce GHG intensities. This commitment extends to our product portfolio, where we are improving existing products and developing new platforms and technologies that help reduce climate change.

Our Actions:

FMC recognizes that energy consumption throughout our supply chain can impact climate change and product costs. Therefore, we will actively work with our entire value chain –suppliers, contractors, and customers – to improve their energy efficiencies and to reduce their GHG emissions.

We will publically disclose our progress on reduced energy intensity and GHG intensity in FMC’s annual sustainability report and through our data submitted to the Carbon Disclosure Project.

Download the statement here.