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In order for FMC to be a leader in sustainability and create positive global change, we need you to play an essential part in our formula for progress. FMC’s leadership continues its strong commitment to increasing FMC’s sustainability gains across the company’s operations, innovation and business practices, but ultimately, the energy and ideas needed to make these sustainability gains a reality depends on you.

Our company has focused on safety in the workplace, at home and everywhere in between. Similarly, we are working to make sustainable ways of doing business and living our lives to become second nature. By making small changes in our daily habits, we can make even greater progress in sustainability. Together, we can shape a sustainable future by employing our workforce’s steadfast focus and dedication, and by engaging our families, friends, and communities on matters of sustainability. It only takes you…

We hope to hear from our employees and stakeholders about how they are working to create a more sustainable future. In the sustainability-related stories below, you can learn more about the ideas and practices, the initiatives and events, and most importantly, the people, that are essential to the success of our formula for progress here at FMC and beyond.

We welcome you to share your story about how sustainability has become a part of your work and daily life. Please be in touch with us at

American Chemistry Council Names FMC Responsible Care Company of the Year

Company honored with ACC's highest award for environmental, health, safety and sustainability initiatives.
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FMC Issues ‘Built for Progress’ Sustainability Report for 2016

Latest report details third-party recognition and noteworth momentum toward key 2020 and 2025 goals.
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Warmwater seaweed procurement holds Children’s World Oceans Day in Bantayan, Cebu

For the sixth consecutive year, the Global Procurement Group (Warmwater Seaweed) and the FMC Cebu plant sponsored a Children’s World Ocean Day in the seaweed-growing island of Lipayran, Bantayan, Cebu.
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FMC’s 2015 Sustainability Report Wins at PRSA’s Annual Pepperpot Awards

FMC's 2015 Sustainability Report, "Our Forumula for Progress," wins at the Public Relations Soceity of America's 48th Annual Pepperpot and Achievement Awards, held in Philadelphia.
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FMC Receives A- on its First-Ever Response to the CDP Climate Change Program

CDP is a not-for-profit that runs the global disclosure system for investors, companies, cities, states and regions to manage their environmental impacts. Over the past 15 years, CDP has created a system that has resulted in unparalleled engagement on environmental issues worldwide.
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Primary School Children Learn the ABCs of Safety from FMC Employees in Cebu

Creating safe workplaces and safe communities for FMC employees and their families is of the utmost importance at FMC. One way we work to create safe communities is by providing opportunities for our community members to learn the basics of safety. These values were evident at FMC Cebu, where two employees held a lecture on safety for children at a local primary school.
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Elementary Children in Cebu Celebrate World Oceans Day at FMC’s Marine Stewardship Program

FMC strives to impact the world’s most pressing environmental challenges by raising awareness of these challenges among the company’s employees, their families, and throughout the communities in which they live. On June 8th, FMC sponsored a Children’s World Oceans Day Celebration where elementary school children in Cebu participated in a Marine Stewardship Awareness program that highlighted the issue of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans.
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FMC Corporation Releases Company Statement on Climate Change

FMC seeks to influence some of the most profound challenges facing our society and planet. One of these challenges is climate change. The company released a public statement on its position on climate change and how it is addressing this critical issue.
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FMC increases village sanitation on the island of Pemba in Zanzibar

One of FMC’s guiding principles is to engage and cultivate community relationships to create positive change. On the island of Pemba in Zanzibar, FMC is partnering with the Pemba Foundation to improve village sanitation by building public toilet buildings in areas that lack running water.
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FMC in Action in the First Campinas Marathon

FMC seeks to impact some of the world’s most pressing global challenges and raise awareness of these challenges to its employees, their families, and the communities in which they live. At FMC Campinas, the company’s commitment to cultivating communities and good health was shown in the participation of three FMC teams in the first Marathon of Campinas.
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FMC Panoli Celebrates World Environment Day

FMC seeks to impact some of the world’s most pressing environmental challenges and raise awareness of these challenges to its employees, their families, and the communities in which they live. At FMC Panoli, the company’s commitment to sustainability was reflected in the site’s celebration of World Environment Day.
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Fresh and healthy foods distributed by FMC teams in Philadelphia

FMC seeks to impact some of the world’s most pressing global challenges, including increased need for food and health care for a growing population. We work to address this challenge in our local neighborhoods, including Philadelphia – home of FMC’s corporate headquarters. We partner with Philabundance, Philadelphia’s largest hunger relief organization, to understand and provide solutions for the crucial issue of hunger in the region.
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Is Trash Always Waste?

At the FMC Health and Nutrition site in Girvan, United Kingdom, staff saw an opportunity to significantly curtail the amount of site waste being sent to local landfills. Driven by the energy and ideas of the site’s EHS team, the resulting waste management system is an example of how a perceived area of improvement can become a sustained and beneficial program. As the system gains traction in Girvan, it may have the potential to be shared and deployed at other FMC sites globally.
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